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   About Sara Handmade

Sara Handmade:
I launched Sara Handmade in 2015. I started off making soaps for my personal use as I was looking for something as natural as possible and also not overpriced. I absolutely loved the making and started creating soaps for my friends and family members and received amazing feedback so after that, I started making soap for sale and I have also added body products like creams and oils for skin and hair. Being in a wheelchair makes it difficult to find work and this setup seemed to work well for me. Being my own boss and using my creativity has always been of my highest interest and I've finally something that I love and am passionate

about. After a few years of making skincare products, I wanted to add something else that I would be able to make and sell to expand my range of products and to make a variety for my customers, so I started to make gemstone jewellery and fashion jewellery. Now at Sara Handmade, you can find a collection of gemstone pendants and a very considerable collection of fashionable earrings made with different metals but most commonly used are non-allergenic stainless steel and sterling silver, also there is a collection of necklaces and bracelets all handmade and most of the jewellery is made in the shop during shops opening hours.

The Founder: I was born in Serbia and moved with my mum and my sister to Perth in 2003. Moving to Australia was very difficult for us but extremely rewarding. Perth is a beautiful place to live and has a lot to offer. Its authenticity and natural environment has been an inspiration for the making of Sara Handmade. 


Soap Prodcution:

All natural ingredients are used in making the soap including water and essential oils. They are made by a cold process method. Oils are measured and lye (activator) is added. The liquid is then poured into moulds and left to set for 48 hours. Soaps are removed from the moulds and cut into shapes and then stored in a ventilated

darkened room for 4-6 weeks, after which time they are ready for use.



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